What are your hours of operation?
Monday - Friday   8:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday   9:00am – 11:30am
Closed on: Sundays, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

How long will my order take?
Most trophy, plaque and giftware orders can be completed in 5 business days or less. If we can run your
order on the same day, we will. We recommend that you allow at least 10 business days for custom
plaques or special order items, custom ribbons and glassware. Trophy cases, cast bronze plaques,
laminated plaques, lucite embedments, screen printed acrylics and shadow boxes can take more time.  
Discuss your deadlines, presentation or dedication dates with customer service to assure on-time

Incomplete orders are not sent to production until we receive ALL the information necessary. May and
June are, by far, the busiest time of year. So, please plan ahead to avoid disappointment. You really can’t
get your order in too early. No rush orders are accepted in May and June. Any rush charges from our
vendor or overnight shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and will be added to your
invoice.  Avoid extra costs by planning ahead.  

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. There is a $30 fee for returned checks.
You can also pay online via DWOLLA.  Ask us how.

Can you bill me?
Purchase orders are welcome from municipal, state and federal agencies and school districts providing
full billing information. We cannot extend credit terms to school booster clubs. Non-profit organizations
and business customers may request consideration of credit terms upon review of credit references.  
Please call customer service for more information. We may request a deposit on orders exceeding $500
or custom orders of $250. All other invoices are due upon receipt.  

Will you ship my order?
Most orders are picked up at our warehouse at 1021 Ocean Ave in Portland, Maine. We are happy to ship
plaques, plates and other boxy items. Most customers find that trophies are not very economical to ship,  
and we prefer not to do so. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of TWNE.

Do you sell or engrave gold brass?
Yes! Gold brass plates can either be dye sublimated or diamond drag engraved .

I have to get the trophies for the team.  What should they say?
Anything you’d like, up to 3 lines. We recommend a layout something like this:

Please supply us with a typed (14 pt font ) list of players. If you give us a spread sheet, the list of  names
must be in 1st Name-Last Name order. Assure correct toppers by placing an M or F beside each name
that requires a male or female trophy topper. Please proof the list carefully before submitting it to us and
read the next question about engraving mistakes carefully.

How are engraving mistakes handled?
When we make an error, we make it right at no cost to you IF:
•        you supplied us with typed 14 pt font copy and/or
•        you gave us a spread sheet with the list of  names in 1st name-last name order.

IF the error was yours:
We will be happy to correct the error for the cost of material and engraving. Often, this means simply re-
plating the trophy or plaque. Other times, the entire piece must be replaced.

What can I do to avoid engraving mistakes?
Please proof everything carefully. Phone orders are especially difficult. We are happy to take your phone
order, but spelling errors or layout misunderstandings are the customer’s responsibility. Handwritten
orders can be problematic and should be avoided, if possible. Faxes can be blurry, especially with less
than 14 pt type. Whenever possible, please type and carefully proof your order. Bring it in, snail mail it,
email it or fax it. Always include your DAYTIME phone number or email address so we can contact you if

Should I  request a proof?
Not usually. Proofs are only available for plaques and cast bronze, or when we have reason to believe a
clarification is needed. If we suggest a proof, we won’t charge you. If you need a proof, we can email you
one for $10./each. Additional changes after the proof will incur additional proof charges. Remember, if we
make a spelling error, we make it right at no cost to you. Proofs are a good way to evaluate layout, but
valuable production time may be lost while awaiting your written OK to proceed.

I have no idea what to say on my plaque. Can you help?
Absolutely! If you can stop by our showroom, we have books with pithy quotes and suggestions for just
about every occasion. Add a few ideas of your own and Voila!, you’ll have a great plaque with just the right
sentiment. Or, call 877-773-4062 and talk with customer service, who can help you on the spot. You can
also visit
this website to look up quotes online.

Why can’t you rip the logo from my web page and engrave it on my plaque?
Trust us. We can’t. It‘ll look terrible. Images used on websites are for viewing on your computer screen
and not on a plaque. Please refer to the "Graphics & Logos" section on the
Engraving Pricing page.

I saw a great award on another website. Can I get it at TWNE?
Probably. Show us what you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to help. We’ll give you a quote after
researching the item. If we can’t do it, we’ll make a referral to a reputable local vendor, whenever
possible. We can’t display all our products on the website because there are just too many options. You
are welcome to stop by the store to see other items on display or catalogs of special order items.

Why can’t I just order online?
Right now, there are just too many variables in every order to offer online sales. You are most welcome to
email your order using the
Request Quote button.  Please tell us the Part Number, Quantity and
Engraving and the Date you need the order. We will respond to your email and confirm your order status
ASAP. Please bring your credit card at pickup so we can swipe the card.

When is the best time to pick up my order?
We prefer that your order be picked up a couple of days (or more) before presentation so that any errors
or omissions can be corrected.  

I just bought some engravable gifts. Can you engrave them for me?
We are happy to custom cut and engrave a plate for your item. However, we prefer not to engrave items
that we don't carry in our store.  Such items
may be engraved at the discretion of the engraver and have a
minimum carry-in charge of $25.

Still have a question that needs to be answered?
Contact Us.
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