Please Note Most acrylic plaques and some other pieces include engraving in the price. Please see
individual product pages for more information. Logos and graphics carry an additional cost.
Diamond Dragged or Laser Engraved Full Plate Plaques
Board Size
# of Lines*
Additional Lines
(space permitting)
4" x 6"
up to 5
5" x 7"
up to 6
6" x 8"
up to 7
7" x 9"
up to 8
8" x 10"
up to 10
9" x 12"
up to 12
10 1/2" x 13
up to 15
11" x 15"
$50.00 minimum
*Decorative brackets around recipient's name are not included in line count.
Flexibrass Trophy Plates
Trophy Type
# of Lines
5,15, 20, 25, 30, 35 series
up to 3
75 series   
up to 3
2 post, 3 post, 4 post   
up to 3
                     Laser or Drag Engraved Perpetual Plates on Your Plaque*
# of Lines
Additional Cost
(if plate supplied by TWNE)
7/8" x 2 1/2"
up to 3
1"  x  3 1/2"
up to 3
1" x 4 1/2"
up to 3
*Engraving on header plates is included when purchased at TWNE. Graphics/Logos extra
Custom Cut Plates
Minimum Cost
Material* Cost
$0.50/squre inch
Engraving Cost
*Choose from a wide variety of materials such as black laser brass plated steel, aluminum, gold or
silver flexibrass, or colorful Rowmark plastics.   Some materials may be higher ( brass, anodized
aluminum, phenolic, etc)

When ordering a custom cut plate, you must specify:
•        Material to be used     
•        Plate size (minimum 1” high for laser brass or aluminum)
•        Corner style (square cut, rounded or notched)
•        Attachment method (double-faced tape, holes or both)

Graphics and Logos
Graphics and logos vary widely in quality. Some may require considerable additional time and effort to
make them laser well. We reserve the right to reject artwork that requires an unreasonable amount of
cleanup. A one-time set up fee is charged the first time a logo is used. After that, a logo charge will
reflect the amount of time required to laser the logo on each item.  At our discretion, the set up fee
may be waived on artwork requiring absolutely no cleanup. This applies to high resolution or vector
images often in .eps, .plt, .cdr and some .bmp file formats.
You will be notified of artwork cost
before work proceeds. Minimum set up fee is $25.00.
We cannot rip logos from web pages. TWNE
respects copyright laws applicable to all protected logos and artwork. Ask about our large library of
stock graphics available for your project.

Still have questions? Call customer service at 207-773-4062 or 877-773-4062.
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